Aga Galus- Decor Planner/Designer


A florist stands behind the counter looking out into the main street.  She patiently waits for a passerby to swing open her shop door and hear a light “ding” of the bell announce a perspective client’s arrival.  Couple enters looking at the array of flowers surrounding them.  The florist assists them in developing an arrangement for their upcoming wedding.  She writes down what they want, gets the date of the ceremony, and provides them a price which they approve.  The future newlyweds leave the shop and the florist closes another deal.


It’s a typical business transaction practiced by most.  However, I prefer to step outside the norm.


Just like the scenario I mentioned, my career began as an assistant at a flower shop.  I was exposed to floral design and event decor learning the ins and outs of the industry.  My experience working with a florist taught me the basics I needed to know, but it also showed me what needed to be improved.


Fast forward to present day and with over ten years of experience under my belt, I developed a business that goes far beyond just buying and selling.


When a couple enters my showroom, I have the privilege of being invited to celebrate a special occasion.  I am assigned as a confidant, someone a family can rely on to make reality out of a vision.  I take pride in that responsibility and I make sure it is shown through my business practices, not just mere words being stated.


What does it take to be an event decorator?  Patience, enthusiasm, creativity, and an excellent pair of listening ears. 


Here’s how I break it down:


Patience- every decision made is crucial to the overall outcome.  My goal is to be by your side through this process, supporting your choices and offering advice that correlates with your interests.  I’m not here to expedite the process, I’m here to perfect the design you have envisioned.


Enthusiasm- And why not?  This is such a happy time!  It’s so heartwarming to be a part of a union, a birth, or any special celebration in general.  Creating this masterpiece of an event is so enjoyable for me, especially seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when the work is done.


Creativity- I look at my job as an art form, an empty canvas waiting to be filled with colorful cloths, blooming flowers, and a special glow that widens the senses!  My objective is to create an event like a fingerprint; unique to it’s owner and can never be replicated.


Listening- What kind of event planner would I be if I didn’t listen!  Such a crucial trait to have.  My task is not to create an idea, but to inherit your idea and bring it to life.  This is your show and I’m here to create the stage you need to convey your story.  It should represent the look you want and meet the budget you have set.


In the end it’s all about getting involved in couple's vision.  I don’t just want to get the job done and move on.  I want to get away from behind the counter, roll up my sleeves, and embark in this momentous journey with you from beginning to end.